Saturday, April 9, 2011

Goldilocks No More

I finally broke down.  Gregory got his very first haircut today.  Had I thought I'd be able to do it myself, he would have gotten one before today but I knew that if I messed it up, it was going to mean the clippers were coming out.  And I was not prepared to do that.  From the day his whispy white hair started curling, I've been dreading his first hair cut. 

May 2010.  First little wisps appear.

As his hair got longer, it also grew magnetic powers.  It attracted men and women of all ages who thought the brilliant white locks just needed to be touched.  "Look at that hair".
Then last winter happened.  The humidity went away, and the curls were not quite as tight.   I heard the first "oh what a pretty little girl".  I shook it off.  I really didn't understand how someone could think this little boy in cargo pants and a dinosaur shirt was "a pretty girl".  Doesn't he look like a boy?  I mean, he'd actually be kind of an ugly little girl (in my humble opinion).

My "pretty little girl"?

But I kept hearing it.  "Oh she has pretty hair"  "Look at her blonde curls"  "Where does she get that blonde hair"  "GIRL"  "SHE"  "HER"  I was tired of people calling him my little girl and tired of correcting people.  And then his sister caught on.  A little teasing from her brought tears to my boy's eyes.  So I told him we were going to get his hair cut.  He protested.  I told him that he had three options.  He could A. Look like a little girl and leave his hair the way it is. B. Get it cut and look like a little boy or C. Have Momma cut it and look like a goofball.  He chose option B. and so I made an appointment.  His sister was almost in tears.  "Please don't let them cut Gregory's curls off.  I like his hair." 
As we sad there waiting I had second thoughts about it.  But then the hairdresser walked in and said "Oh she has such beautiful hair."

In the salon, waiting.

Gregory was a bit scared when I put him up in the chair.  He liked the dinosaur cover they put on him but did not like getting his hair sprayed with the water bottle.  But then he was given his own water bottle and after spraying Momma a couple times he was good to go.  She started snipping and the locks started to fall.

Gregory's curls

He held still and let her cut his hair, only looking around every so often as one of the patrons of the salon would goo and gaa just how cute he was.

I didn't cry.  After all, it's just hair.  My golden curly haired little boy is gone and in his place is a boy with white waves.  He told me on the way home that his Daddy was going to say "Who's this little boy coming into my house?"  And his Daddy did say that.  And Gregory was so proud to look like a boy.  He looks so sweet.  I just wish it didn't make him look so old.

After the haircut


  1. Oh Katie, he looks so sweet! For the record, I never thought he looked like a girl! :)

  2. I, too, think that it is comical that he was mistook for a female....I just don't see it. But then again when Gabriel had long, curly hair the same thing happened. Wouldn't those two make *husky* gals?
    I think that Gregory looks pretty (oops not pretty) handsome and yes, older as well. And I couldn't help but think that in the second photo he looks like Greg!

  3. Oh my gosh, he does look so much older than he did in the pics w/his curls! I remember when Aidan had curly hair and I loved it and I was so sad to get it cut. I don't think his were as curly but still... I don't think you meant to do this but it's funny how you put "sad" instead of "sat," it fits! It is a sad occasion!
    My sister's little boy has really tight curls and they are getting a little bit looser now but he still has them and he doesn't look like a girl. Somehow, they are growing up, not down! lol He's a cutie and so is yours!

  4. Oh, the cutting of the I dreaded that day with Jacob. I'm so glad to see that Gregory's curls remain! Jakey lost most of his, and now only gets them when he is sweaty or his hair gets REALLY long. It is amazing how grown up they look after that first hair cut!

  5. Wonderful story. Love every bit.