Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Fugitive on the loose=New Crocs!

As I was driving to pick up Maggie from preschool, I happened past this sight.  I wasn't expecting police tape, squad cars, a police helicoptor and news crews.  I found out that there was a fugitive loose but they were not giving out any other information.  Awesome!  I didn't exactly want to go home so I took the kids to the outlet mall to get some sandals.  They needed some and it was going to be in the 80s today so it seemed like the perfect opportunity. The kids each picked out a pair of Crocs with a starfish on them. 
I called Greg from the mall to see if he could give me an update on the situation.  He was already on his way home.  (Evidently they did not turn the heat off in his office and they insist he wear a collared shirt to work.  Sorry, but you're in the real world now Honey.)  We went home and even though my mother advised against it, we played outside all afternoon.  In our new Crocs!  We didn't even get taken hostage by the fugitive.

Fugitive update: The fugitive has since been apprehended.

Maggie: "Good thing we didn't wear our tennis shoes out today because it's freakin' hot outside"


  1. Leave it to Maggie to crack me up! I love her and I love all of you and am so glad that you were not snatched up by a fugitive. Whew!