Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's (Mothers') Day

I am so blessed to be called "Mommy" by three wonderful little munchkins.  They truly are my world.  Maggie had been excited about Mother's Day for quite a while.  I think the excitement came from wanting to make some sort of delicious treat for her Mommy (that she of course would get to share!).  She asked me last week if I would make "a cake with flowers on it that says 'Happy Mother's Day' ".  I told her that was Daddy's job.  She managed to convince her Daddy that they should make Mommy a special treat for Mother's Day.
If you ask Greg, the story goes like this.  On Saturday evening, Daddy took the kids and made a wonderfully delicious cake while Mommy soaked in the tub.  He's sounding pretty awesome huh?  Well, really he took the two older kids while I took a bath with Joseph, which was cut short because I needed to come supervise in the kitchen.  I didn't mind.  
With a little direction, they were able to make a delicious homemade raspberry ice cream cake with a chocolate crust.  It even said "Happy Mothers' Day" on it and had flowers.  But that of course started a debate.  Where does the apostrophe go?  I insisted it go before the s. (Because this is the way it is always written) The Hubs insisted on after the s.  It didn't matter that Anna Jarvis wanted it to be singular, Greg wasn't budging.  He said if it went before the s, then he couldn't call his mom.  We agreed to disagree (although I totally agree with him.  It should go after the s.  Shhhhh)
My day was wonderful.  My children gave me tons of hugs and kisses.  My sweet Darlin' picked out matching outfits for her and I to wear to church. (and matching hair pretties too).  And the cake was delicious!  


  1. I agree with the plural possessive decision :)

    Happy Belated Mothers' Day, Katiem!

  2. Cute photos! I am glad that you had a great Mothers' Day!