Thursday, May 12, 2011

Art Gallery

Sometimes I feel as though my fridge is just a giant paper holder.  It's covered with reading charts, potty charts, mosaics, paintings and drawings.  It's useless to try and display photographs because they only get lost in the mess of artwork.  In an attempt at some spring cleaning, the front of the fridge is going to get decluttered.  

I can't just throw it all in the recycle though.  While some are just scribbles or sticker collages, others are sweet pictures that were thoughtfully made by my little artists.  So, in the first Murry Munchkin online gallery, I present "Drawings of Family" by Maggie and Gregory.

"Daddy" by Gregory
"Mama" by Maggie

"Mommy" by Gregory

"Me and Bubba" by Maggie

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