Monday, January 31, 2011

Snow Creations

Here is our first snowman of the year.  You can barely see it on the patio table.  I think this snowman died soon after he was created. 

After the last storm, the kids went out to build a snowman but Gregory came back in after two minutes because it was "too snowy to make a snowman".  Daddy and Maggie built one instead.   This snowgirl's name is Ariel.  She's wearing a pink scarf made from fabric scraps.  On her head you will find a blue Pittsburgh Pirates hat.  Her nose is a carrot and her eyes are rocks. 

Ariel didn't last long either.  She did a face plant and broke into three.  So a new snowman was in order.  This one was made by Maggie, Gregory, Grandma LoLo and myself.  Gregory needed his mittens cleaned off every time he got snow on them.  "My mittens are wet", he kept saying.  He didn't quite understand that the mittens were doing their job.  This snowman was named Frosty.  We took Ariel's eyes, nose and scarf and used them for Frosty.  The Pirates hat was missing though.  So we used a dead basil plant for hair.  It was the best smelling snowman I've ever met.

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