Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Valentine Door Hangers

I am NOT a crafty person.  My crafts still look like someone in kindergarten made them (no offense to the five year-olds out there.)  But my kids hear the word "craft" and they squeal with glee.  Their current obsession is to make door hangers for Daddy's office.  With Valentine's Day coming up, we decided to make a heart shaped hangers.  To begin this process I needed a hard piece of bread to keep the youngest kid in check. 

Next I cut out two hearts out of craft foam.  Both kids wanted to spell "LOVE" on their heart so we started to search for the letters in the gigantic mess of alphabet stickers.  No matter how hard we looked, we could only find one "E".  Fear not though, we had a 3.  Just turn that sucker backwards and you have yourself a fabulous "E". 

After doing crafts with toddlers, I've realized that they will never decorate the way you would...don't even try to make them.  If they want to put a yellow lion on their Valentine, just let them.  The final product will be just as sweet.  Now Daddy has two lovely door hangers from his little munchkins.  He'll have the most stylish door in the building!
Maggie's Door Hanger
Gregory's Door Hanger

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