Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Maggie Moo is FIVE!

This is a bit late but Happy Birthday to my sweet little darlin' Maggie.  She was so excited to turn five this year.  The night before her birthday, she helped me make Rice Krispie bars for her class.  She also took everything that was a size 4 out of her drawer and gave it to me saying "Mom, I can't wear these anymore now that I'm going to be five."  She wore a special outfit to school.  A beautiful tutu skirt and a birthday shirt with a 5 on it.  That afternoon she helped decorate a cake.  She used blue frosting to create an ocean and then added Ariel and Flounder and some sea flowers.

We celebrated with a small party the following weekend.  Maggie planned the WHOLE thing.  We ate pizza and fruit.  And everyone got to decorate their own cupcakes (one to eat at the party and one to take home).  We played pin the candle on the cupcake and the balloon stomp game (which worked WAY better than last year.  Biodegradable balloons are the way to go!).

Maggie received a bunch of very nice presents.   Her brothers gave her a yellow football shirt so she has something to wear while watching the Steelers.  Grandma Lolo took her on a shopping spree (using Grandpa's credit card) and Grandma Sunshine and Grandpa Buzzy took her to Princesses on Ice in Baltimore.  She also got a soccer ball and lots of arts and crafts to work on while her brothers are taking naps.  She's already halfway done weaving a purse.

It has been a wonderful five years with my little girl and I cannot wait to see what this next year brings.  I cannot believe how big my baby girl is and that 4lb 12oz little girl I remember so vividly is now such a big girl.  

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