Thursday, March 3, 2011

Sick babies

All three munchkins are down with the croup.  Two months ago when Joseph had croup we took a late night trip to the ER because his chest was contracting.  Let's hope this one doesn't turn into anything like that.  Poor Gregory has it the worst; runny nose, fever, cough.  We put the humidifier in his room last night and he woke up in a feverish haze and started screaming.  I went to see what was wrong.  He thought the humidifier was an evil genie.  Aah, the two and a half year old imagination.  He insisted the genie was now in his pillow.  I gave him a fresh pillow and he went back to sleep.  A few hours later, Maggie took a tumble out of her bed and knocked her cheek on her night stand.  She cried but didn't remember a thing the next morning.  When I asked her if she fell she said "No, but my teddy bear did.  Poor Teddy."  I'm hoping this passes quickly and that this is the end of the sicknesses this winter.

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