Sunday, March 27, 2011


Once upon a time, a boy and a girl met and fell in love.  Aaw aren't they so cute?

Maybe the first picture taken of the two of us. 
Our first Halloween.  It was in Rome.  Costumes were scarce. 
Seven years ago, on March 27, 2004, Greg and I became engaged to be married.  He asked.  I said "yes".  The rest is history.  No?  Story time. 

Let's start earlier in the week.  Greg calls up my dad (He probably called him "Sir" at the time.  He didn't feel like he could call him Buzz.) and asks if he can come and talk to him.  Buzz  Sir agrees and Greg comes over to meet with him.  My nosy sister, who was home at the time knows something is going on.  So she calls up my mom.  I'm sure she said something to the extent of "Mom, Greg is over and he and dad are talking downstairs"  To which my mom replied.  "I'm on my way home"  Greg and Dad were having a nice conversation.  Dad asked all the important questions.  "How do you plan on supporting my daughter?"   "Where will you live?" but really he was thinking.  "Thank God!  Get her outta here."  They were having a good discussion when in busts Mom.  Now, Greg carefully planned this meeting.  He had somewhere to be so if he ran into an obstacle (i.e. Mom came home), he could politely excuse himself and be on his way.  I'm pretty sure he excused himself at this time.

Now fast forward to Saturday.  Greg had a nice evening planned for the two of us.  We were going to Mass at the Cathedral followed by dinner at Forepaugh's.  I was getting ready when Greg showed up (early...not something normal).  I gave him a hug.  He hung his coat up and we sat down on the couch and started chatting.  All of a sudden, Greg jumps up and runs down to the door babbling something like "oh would you hate me so much" gets back in my sight and gets down one one knee and finishes by saying "...if I just can't wait until later tonight to ask you to marry me." (At this point he is desperately trying to hide behind the ring box.)  I said "yes".  Greg had planned on proposing at the Cathedral but when I gave him a hug he thought that I had felt the ring in his coat pocket.  He just became too nervous and decided to propose right then and there.  And that is that.  I wouldn't have it any other way.  


  1. That is so cute and so funny and so nice! LOVE hearing that story. Congrats on six years of marriage :)


  2. Wow! That's so sweet! Brought a tear to my eye. :)